Neighborhood Connections

The goal of this initiative is to ensure Stapleton brings a positive impact to existing neighborhoods and business. The initiative is supported by the staff of Northeast Transportation Connections (NETC), who are on the ground talking to residents and employees all throughout the year; and the Stapleton Citizens Advisory Board (CAB).

The ongoing programs are:

  • Community Round Table:
    • Several times a year, we invite the officers of the neighborhood organizations to gather at the Foundation for dinner and conversation. In addition to reporting what is going on in each of their neighborhoods, NETC also invites a special speaker.

  • Greater Stapleton Business Association:
    • The Foundation provides staff services as needed to continue the conversations among business owners throughout our six neighborhoods.

ForestCity - Transforming Denver’s former international airport

Since Forest City commenced redevelopment of Denver’s former international airport in May 2001, it has worked with its builders, the community, Denver Public Schools, city officials and others to apply new names to the neighborhoods, parks, schools, and retail centers that have transformed the property: