Lifelong Learning

The goal for The Foundation's lifelong learning initiative is to make our neighborhoods a model of lifelong learning where infants to seniors will find innovative educational opportunities to satisfy their personal, professional and recreational needs and desires.

This is based on the belief that “The capacity to learn lives in the heart of every person and resides at the core of a thriving community.”

Behind this initiative, too, is the idea that great public schools are needed to keep great kids and families in Denver.

The map for delivering lifelong learning is found in The Stapleton Education Master Plan, nicknamed The Blue Book.

Strengthening Schools In and Around Our Community

The Stapleton United Neighbors (SUN) has established an education committee that is very active and committed to helping Denver Public Schools open outstanding schools in Stapleton. The Foundation supports the group with resources to help them plan the openings of new schools like Swigert, High Tech Elementary Schools, IB Middle Schools and Northfield High School. The Foundation has also assisted each school at Stapleton with funds to assist principals with special innovative programs they want to bring to the school.

We are also working to help neighborhood schools in neighborhoods surrounding Stapleton, such as Crawford Elementary, Fletcher Community School and Moline High School, with our be well Health and Wellness youth initiatives.

Creating an Innovative, Global Education with the DPS Charter Denver Language School (DLS)

The Foundation served as a Founder of Denver Language School along with two mothers from the neighborhood (Kristi Fantz and Camilla Modesitt), creating a unique K-8 school for language immersion in Mandarin and Spanish.

The Foundation also works with Denver Public Schools to improve student achievement at schools in Park Hill and East Montclair, including Odyssey, Ashley Elementary and McAuliffe Middle School.

Stapleton: An Oral History
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